Aqua Replenisher 50ml


Your Essential Hydration Partner

Changing seasons or unstable skin conditions will result in weakening of the moisture retention function of skin. Though we have regular skin care steps, our skin still suffers from dehydration and fine lines.

Reinforces Cellular Water Reserve by Replenishing and Locking in Moisture

Aqua Replenisher contains xylinum black tea ferment, which stimulates cell healing and prevents skin aging to restore suppleness. Algae extract reinforces cellular water reserve by time-release moisture. It also rejuvenates dermal cells, promotes skin metabolism and increases skin density. Sodium hyaluronate and polyquaternium-51 helps the skin absorb the moisture in the air, and forms a protection shield to lock in moisture in deep dermis. They also strengthen the protection barrier and improve fine lines. Skin is thus saturated with water throughout the day, with suppleness and resilience.


Use every morning and evening as a moisturizer on the cleansed face and neck, and gently massage until fully absorbed. You can also apply a thick layer on face as a moisturizing mask. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wipe off the excess.